Our mission is to refashion historical methods of creating consistent quality handcrafted beer in an old meets new style with modern ingredients.

Born in the heart of Salisbury, New Sarum Brewing derives its name from the original settlement name of Salisbury’s Sister City “Old Sarum” England. Our logo was created by combining the Old Sarum crest with the City of Salisbury crest, fashioning them together to create our own artistic reflection. Our company is based on a basic principle, creating great craft beer. Each recipe begins with a study of an individual style of beer, searching history for proved and tested methods of creating the foundation. New Sarum uses this to find new ways of developing each beer’s unique flavor. Our full-body beers are created in a consistently high quality standard that sets us apart from the competition.

Here at the brewery we are operating on a 30-barrel production facility, a 4-barrel pilot system with 660 barrels of fermentation space and our own state of the art canning line.


These are the folks who brew your beer. We’ve got a range of diverse backgrounds. The one thing we all have in common? A deep love and knowledge of craft beer. That and seeing people trip. We know it’s mean, but it makes us laugh.


We have snacks for sale at the bar, and you’ll often find a food truck out front. Head over to our Taproom page to see our hours, check out upcoming events and other good stuff.