Keg purchase info

It’s your lucky day – kegs of our delicious beer are available to the public! Pricing below is subject to change and includes tax. Stop by our taproom anytime we’re open to place an order. You’ll need a permit if you are purchasing more than a sixtel – you can get one here. Permits are also available in the taproom.

There is a $30 deposit for every keg purchase, plus $50 deposit for a keg pump (if needed).

Standard Keg (1/2BBL, around 124 Pints)Sixtel (1/6BBL, around 42 Pints)
Old Stone House IPA$221$94
Hurley Park Blood Orange Wheat$221$94
Grimes Mill Hazy IPA$208$88
Yadkin River Lager$208$88
Double Berry Milkshake Berliner Weisse$208$88